Moving :(

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So I have finally decided to move my blog over to Tumblr. Why? WordPress just doesn’t work for me anymore, though I do like it. I have a photography blog on Tumblr that I update a lot. I figure that it is just easier for me to update both blogs there since I can have multiple blogs on one account. I also really love that their site is much simpler than here.


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October 15th

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I have been doing some knitting and crocheting and spinning when I can sneak it into all the things that are keeping me busy. Anyway just wanted to turn people on to this adorable pattern, it’s for a doll but I think it would be good for charity knitting ๐Ÿ™‚

I added the pattern to Ravelry since I am currently knitting it, it’s so cute. click here for Pram pattern

It’s not free but it’s not an expensive pattern. So far it’s been pretty easy and haven’t had any issues.

It’s the charity crunch time for me. The remembrance service at the hospital where I lost my daughter is later this month and want to be sure I donate enough little knits…

BTW, today is October 15th. It is Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness day. Would everyone join me and my fellow angel moms in our memorial celebration?

Prengnacy and Infant loss awareness

Finished the tour

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Just finished my last skein. ย For this one I hand carded some fiber. It was a mix of navy blue and turquoise superwash, natural white wool, white nylon and dark and light blue mohair. Not sure how many rolags I made but it had to be at least sixteen or so. I had three left over.

Anyway, I spun it up. It’s a total of ย 166 yards. I am planning to use the yarn in the design of the soon-to-be Etsy shop banner. I was trying to go for an ocean feel. The dark colors for the deep ocean, the medium for the shore and the white the waves. I don’t know if it was so successful. I think it certainly turned out the way I wanted when I carded it but when I spun it I didn’t get the result I had pictures in my mind as yarn.

Oh well.. either way it turned out nice!

All spun up.

Close up.

Tour De Fleece!!!!!!!!!!!

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Woohoo!!! The Tour De Fleece has started! I totally forgot it and only started three days ago (not too late), but I can’t believe that I already won something!!! I posted to the random prize thread and I was picked! So happy!! Ashamed though that the photo I had was so horrible. Yesterday I was spinning some black and white mill ends and just took a quick snap of what I had on the bobbin (first picture to the left).

Yarn spinnings so far

In other news, still have not opened my Etsy shop. It is still being set up. This week I’ll be taking some high resolution photos (like the ones above). It should be open at the end of the month or beginning of August, fingers crossed.

I also might be abandoning this blog to open up a new one with the Etsy shop name, so stay tuned for that.

Gotta go, byeee.

Faux Granny Square Peeptoes

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I don’t normally blog about shoess, but it’s technically crochet/knitting related….. ๐Ÿ˜€

These shoes are so adorable! I love them! The pom-poms are removable, but I think they are cute with or without them. I would love love love to buy these but I have been on shoe binge lately. It’s too bad cuz I have the perfect strapless dress to go with it.

I spied these cuties at (which if you become their Facebook fan, you can get a 25% off coupon code)

Faux Granny Square Shoes

Spinning yards and yards of yarn

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I’ve been sailing away on Queen Anne these last two weeks and getting beautiful results. I’ve been making up for all the last time since I couldn’t spin for most of the spring semester.

I am so proud of this one. It’s fairly consistant. I purchased a batt from Bohemia Fibers on Etsy sometimes ago, it’s called Planet Grape. Planet Grape is a mix of merino wool and fire star (my first time spinning both fibers). I plied it with a single of purple merino wool. I think it turned out great together. Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

Planet Grape spun to perfection


I have more to show but a little busy right now. I’ll try to post later today or tomorrow.

P.S. – I joined the Tour De Fleece :). I’m on the rookie ย team and the art yarn team (Thanks Sharon for turning me on to it).

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Hunny Bunny (I’m back YAY!)

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This semester is almost over. Well, technically it is over but I have one last paper to write that I was given an extension on and it is one that I dread to write. In the mean while, I’ll catch ya up on things that I got done during the semester.

This little girlie bunny lovingly named, Hunny Bunny had been 2 years in the making. It started as the Lion Brand pattern ‘Best Bunny’. But I didn’t like that it was so small so I altered it as I went along and eventually it became boring and I tossed it aside while I did some other things. Poor girl was in a bin for nearly two years without her arms, tail and legs attached. One day while searching for some yarn, my now one and a half year old daughter saw it and gave it the biggest hug so I had to finish her.

So here is Reli’s pretty Hunny Bunny!

I have much planned for the summer! Lots of crafty goodness coming up. And hopefully, maybe I’ll actually get around to opening that Etsy shop too ๐Ÿ™‚


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