Knitting Experimentations

So I’ve been trying to teach myself to knit. Not that I am abandoning my first love, Crochet. I just think that some things look good done in Crochet and some things would look good Knitted. I always kinda feel like I am missing out by not knowing how to knit.

Last month I was really determined to do it. I got myself just about every straight needle to a size 15.. I just can’t ever find size 4 for whatever reason. Every time I go to my LYS, or try to order online they are always out. Okay- I lie- sometimes they have it but only in plastic. I hate plastic needles, except for Boye’s Balene II. I found 14″ size 10.5 on sale for under $3 and I couldn’t resist, especially since these (I read) have been discontinued by the manufacturer.  They have ‘Perfection Points’ which I love. They are so much easier to knit with. I plan to get more when they are on sale again in 10″ sizes.

Anyway, I have been practicing the Knit stitch which always looked like a horrid mess because my yarn control was  truly lacking. Two days ago I was finally able to knit a whole square in the Garter stitch that came out great. The stitches were way too tight but at least I did it. Yesterday and Today I have been trying my hardest to get a square of stockinette stitch but most of my efforts have been in vain. Finally I resorted to YouTube to find a video that shows how to purl in continential style. I couldn’t find one that I could see clearly enough or a video where they were going slow enough for me to see exactly what they were doing. I stumbled upon this video (embeded below) that shows a demonstration of the Eastern European Purl Stitch.

I found this method a lot easier but still a little confused. So this square that I have been working on is a total mess of experimentation (pictured below). I am getting there though. By the end of the week I hope to have gotten it down. I read a comment that the video poster left stating that in order to make the stockinette stitch I’ll also need to learn the Eastern European knit stitch. So I guess we will see how it goes. I don’t know what style I will commit myself to.

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