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“Gone Too Soon”

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I need to write this just to let it out. I have been so depressed over the passing of Michael Jackson. It has really shocked me how much this death has sadden me. Over the years many artists have died but no one has touched me like this. I feel a lot better than I did for the last few days. I feel so horrible for him. He was an odd man, obviously someone who has suffered greatly in his life. What I can say except that he helped make great memories in my life. I remember as a child trying to do the moonwalk with my cousins, watching his videos with my brother, listening to his albums with my sisters. Staying up passed my bed time to watch his newest video. Peeking from behind the couch to watch “The Making of Thriller”. In high school doing our warm up dance routine to “The Way You Make Me Feel”. His songs the anthems of my life. A very special, talented, artist broken down by the people around him. I hope that he has found peace. Michael, you are in my heart and in all of your fans. Very few can impact the world they way that you have. ❤

Michael J. Jackson
Rest In Peace
August 29, 1958- June 25, 2009

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That’s my grandma :)

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Two weeks ago I found out that I was accepted into the SUNY (State University of New York) college that I applied to. Woo Hoo! This mama is going back to school! I have been out of school for two semesters, I decided to transfer to a new college since the one I was attending previously, Pratt in NYC, it was too expensive and though I love Art.. love to draw, love to paint, love to create, I am not sure that it’s what I want to do. I feel that I am being pulled to study psychology. I have always loved psychology, it’s is so interesting. I have always been the person that everyone comes to with their problems, naturally I am a listener, and I try to always be neutral and see things from all point of views. As I finished looking through the course catalog, I went back to see what I picked out and realized that I picked mostly all psychology classes. I’m about 75% sure it’s the direction that I will be going.

So my grandmother is a very active senior. I completely admire her for that. She travels the world. This year she decided to go to back home where half my family is from. When my daughter was born she found out that I crochet and we got to talking about how she also crochets. I had no idea, she has crochet table runners and doilies on all the tables in her house but since I have never seen her crocheting I figured they were gifts. So she had promised me that she would bring me back some yarn. She sent two cones of cotton yarn, a creamy white and a hot pink. The strands (5) of yarn are not winded together on each cone, so I have been thinking to divide them and making DK and maybe fingering weight yarns. Maybe.. we will see. I have been thinking about if I should buy a drop spindle.

The other reason why I have been inspired to write this blog was for the AWESOME bag my grandmother sent the bag in. I am sure that she didn’t notice what was written on the bag especially since her first language is spanish and a very devote woman of God. This made my husband and I crack up (warning: the pictures are a bit crude, it has a curse word)..

The bag is from a store that used to be here in NYC called Search & Destroy, it was a store that sold punk clothing in the East Village, specifically, the infamous St. Marks Place. The store no longer exists, though I was not a big fan of the store. When I visit St. Mark’s place it makes me sad. It used to be where NYC had it’s punk scene and now it’s been taken over by corporations.. Before there were punk clothing shops (Search & Destroy was not one of these shops), music shops, thrift shops, tattoo shops, cheap eats.. some tattoo shops are still there, and so is one music shop, Sounds, a favorite of mine.. the rest are gone. Now there are only frozen yogurt shops, porn shops, japanese bars, and noodle shops. A lot of history has been wiped away 😦 Not too far away from St. Marks, CBGB’s (famous blue grass club turned home of punk music, where the Ramones played) had been shut down about a year or two ago. The land lord would not renew their lease because he wanted to sell to a contractor who turned the building into super expensive condos. It’s so sad. This type of thing happens all the time in NYC. Even sadder when tear apart community gardens to make condo’s that the average person can’t afford. One thing that is fortunate is that there is a building that was featured on a Led Zeppelin record which to this day is thankfully still there.

I’ll show off some projects in my next post which should be later this week, if not earlier.

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