“Gone Too Soon”

I need to write this just to let it out. I have been so depressed over the passing of Michael Jackson. It has really shocked me how much this death has sadden me. Over the years many artists have died but no one has touched me like this. I feel a lot better than I did for the last few days. I feel so horrible for him. He was an odd man, obviously someone who has suffered greatly in his life. What I can say except that he helped make great memories in my life. I remember as a child trying to do the moonwalk with my cousins, watching his videos with my brother, listening to his albums with my sisters. Staying up passed my bed time to watch his newest video. Peeking from behind the couch to watch “The Making of Thriller”. In high school doing our warm up dance routine to “The Way You Make Me Feel”. His songs the anthems of my life. A very special, talented, artist broken down by the people around him. I hope that he has found peace. Michael, you are in my heart and in all of your fans. Very few can impact the world they way that you have. ❤

Michael J. Jackson
Rest In Peace
August 29, 1958- June 25, 2009

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One Response to ““Gone Too Soon””

  1. I too, am greatly saddened by the untimely death of Michael Jackson.

    I have started listening to his music again, after quite a few years!

    I have been listening to the track “Childhood” which was the theme tune for the film Free Willy 2. I didn’t realise that Michael Jackson had written this song and I don’t remember listening to it when I watched this film, years ago.

    I realised by listening to MJ singing this song, that it was about his own childhood, the childhood that he has never known! Everytime I play it now, I start to cry!. MJ must have been so unhappy as a little boy. Not being able to play outside with his little friends at school, or just to kick a ball around a playground. I have not yet read any of the books that have been written about MJ’s life, but only what is now coming out in the internet news channels. But sad as it seems, MJ loved to entertain. He was a brilliant singer/composer/song writer and a perfectionist in his dance routines. You only have to watch the DVD’s of Thriller, Bad, Beat It! Since we learned that MJ was physically and mentally abused by his father, as a small boy, whilst rehearsing dance/song routines with his older brothers, the memory of this abuse had obviously left a damaging image in his mind. This is psychological torture, which left MJ being unable to trust people. After naming his home “Neverland”, and filling his garden with his very own funfair, his own castle and Zoo’s with all the animals that he loves. This just tells me that MJ had never known his childhood. MJ was a dreamer and surrounded him self with the very things that children love throughout their childhood and the memories to look back on all the fun that they had as children. This is the “Childhood” that MJ has never known!

    I understand Michael Jackson, I can see exactly where he comes from.
    There are not many people around us in this world, who have a “heart of pure-gold”.

    Michael Jackson’s heart is “pure”, like a child!
    Michael Jackson had a “child-like innocence”.
    Michael Jackson is “pure”!

    Michael, I hope that you are now at peace, and have entered your
    dream-world “Neverland”, where all the “lost boys & girls” go to! And, of course, people who are “pure of heart” as well!

    Michael, I have not seen you in my dreams yet, but maybe when all this “furor”, “hype” and the “hysteria” connected to your “passing” has ended, I may get to meet you! Sometime soon!

    “Rest in peace Michael, you deserve it”!

    God Bless you Michael Jackson

    Love you, keep “Smiling” and Singing.

    Lilian Guyers

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