Crafty Hiatus

Ugh- I’m in the home stretch for my fall semester and right now I have two thesis’s due, need to write an algebra report and take some quizes over and have some photography projects to do. It’s so over whelming. I thought I would get a break the week of Thanksgiving but it just got worse. Ugh, I can’t wait until this semester ends! I need a break so bad.

I barely have the time to do any crafts, it’s a shame, but have stayed up into the wee hours of the morning just to finish a small project or to spin. Unfortunately that leaves me exhausted. Right now my daughter, my husband and I are all very sick. What I wouldn’t give to just live under the covers all day.. sigh.

I will write soon ,I have so much to talk about too! Like going to the Smiley’s hotel yarn sale! Anyway- talk soon maybe after the holidays but hopefully before then.

Soy Escuchando: The Devil Weara Prada /Hey John, what’s your name again?


One Response to “Crafty Hiatus”

  1. I hope everyone recovers quickly!

    Nothing’s worse than having to keep obligations (and deadlines!) while under the weather, that’s for sure.

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