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Finished the tour

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Just finished my last skein.  For this one I hand carded some fiber. It was a mix of navy blue and turquoise superwash, natural white wool, white nylon and dark and light blue mohair. Not sure how many rolags I made but it had to be at least sixteen or so. I had three left over.

Anyway, I spun it up. It’s a total of  166 yards. I am planning to use the yarn in the design of the soon-to-be Etsy shop banner. I was trying to go for an ocean feel. The dark colors for the deep ocean, the medium for the shore and the white the waves. I don’t know if it was so successful. I think it certainly turned out the way I wanted when I carded it but when I spun it I didn’t get the result I had pictures in my mind as yarn.

Oh well.. either way it turned out nice!

All spun up.

Close up.

Is it possible? I learned something new.. again??

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Photos are all at the bottom in the gallery.

Yes it is! I can’t believe I picked up something new..a new obsession… I need more space because soon I’m going to have a new kind of stash… in addition to the yarn and the fabric lol! I have thought about doing it for months and finally, I did it. I bought my first spindle and roving. It’s pretty awesome. I got a nice little top-whorl with 4 ounces of beautiful wool fiber. Hubby doesn’t get it, and DD wants to naw on it lol I started off just using it to put twist back into that reclaimed yarn that I wrote about two or three posts back (in the photo of the mini skeins- the first one has the loosest twist, the second is better, and the last is perfect.. that one has so many tails because that was my ball of tied together scraps). It turned out pretty good. I figured out as I went along how much twist I needed and you can see the progress in my mini skeins 🙂

Today-er.. yesterday, I finally split, drafted and even if it is almost the thickness of thread lol! There are a few parts where it is thinner than I wanted and a few bumps here and there but I like it, it’s kool. I can’t wait to ply it. I think it will turn out nicer. Monday I plan to order a bottom whorl and another top-whorl spindle from Bohemia Fibers. Check out her shop, she has a lot of scrumptious items and she is just  lovely person. I also plan on getting some yummy fiber from Sheep Shed Studio.. actually the roving I have is from there. I can’t wait until Monday!!!

Oh yea! My kool-aid dyed yarn that I wrote about in my last post finally dried. It turned out beautifully. Isn’t it the most fantastic shade of red? Awesome.

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