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Faux Granny Square Peeptoes

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I don’t normally blog about shoess, but it’s technically crochet/knitting related….. 😀

These shoes are so adorable! I love them! The pom-poms are removable, but I think they are cute with or without them. I would love love love to buy these but I have been on shoe binge lately. It’s too bad cuz I have the perfect strapless dress to go with it.

I spied these cuties at (which if you become their Facebook fan, you can get a 25% off coupon code)

Faux Granny Square Shoes


Spinning yards and yards of yarn

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I’ve been sailing away on Queen Anne these last two weeks and getting beautiful results. I’ve been making up for all the last time since I couldn’t spin for most of the spring semester.

I am so proud of this one. It’s fairly consistant. I purchased a batt from Bohemia Fibers on Etsy sometimes ago, it’s called Planet Grape. Planet Grape is a mix of merino wool and fire star (my first time spinning both fibers). I plied it with a single of purple merino wool. I think it turned out great together. Love it 🙂

Planet Grape spun to perfection


I have more to show but a little busy right now. I’ll try to post later today or tomorrow.

P.S. – I joined the Tour De Fleece :). I’m on the rookie  team and the art yarn team (Thanks Sharon for turning me on to it).

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It’s a been a little bit since I last wrote. I have been so busy with school. I am taking a little break to write but this will be short with mostly pictures. I have to get back to writing my thesis and a bunch of other projects.

So last I wrote, I talked about how I was ordering two spindles from Bohemia Fibers. OMG, I LOVE her spindles! Way better quality that the other spindle I bought from Etsy. I ordered a top and bottom whorl spindle kit. They are absolutely beautiful and spin so well. I got an unbeatable price too. She even put leader yarn on them both 🙂 Her spindle kits come with fiber. She asked what color I wanted, I suggested some but told her I wasn’t picky and would take anything. She was so thoughtful to send me batts in the colorway lullaby in remembrance of my daughter, so sweet of her. I had an awesome experience with her, I will buy again  from her- she is such a wonderful person 🙂


They both spin like a dream. Here is a photo of my top whorl full of.. mmmm.. handspun yarn! This one was much more consistant than my first yarn. I found it a lot easier to spin on this spindle. I got a lot more done yarn this time around. This single is just a bit thicker than the first hank of yarn so it’s a bit bigger. I’m planning to ply this one but I forgot to count how many wraps I made on my “niddy noddy”. I don’t have a niddy noddy yet so I use the knobs on my drawers lol. So I suppose that is my very own spinners tip. If you don’t own a niddy noddy just  measure the distance between two knobs, wrap the yarn around them (be sure to count your wraps! unlike me lol),  tie it up, after your yarn is stretched and dry you just unscrew one of the knobs (if your knobs don’t unscrew this won’t work). Then you make your hank 🙂



(this is a photo from when I was putting twist back in my reclaimed yarn, this is how I stretch and dry my yarn.)


On my other spindle I spun all of the brown fiber I had. I love the way that it looks. Next time I make an order from Sheep Shed Studio I am going to ask for the brown tone mill ends.


Speaking of Shed Shed Studio, I got my order in recently! I’ve completely screwed myself now because now I have new stash! I bought one pound of black and white mill ends, one pound of turquoise #1 wool, eight ounces of specially dyed superwash in purple tones, 4 ounces of specially dyed superwash in autumn tones and a skein of hand painted originals by Brown Sheep yarn. I just wanted to try it out.


Two weeks ago was my lovely daughter’s 1st birthday. I baked her a cake for her Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party. It didn’t come out too bad considering that it was my first time really decorating a cake.DSC00248

Okay I could go on about the other stuff I am up to but I really have to get back to my work! Until next time..

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Always Learning

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So I start the Fall semester in a few weeks and already school is getting into my craft time. I have been preparing for.. getting my textbooks, taking orientation, getting supplies, ugh. I can’t wait to start though!

The last thing that I knitted was a bolero made from Lily’s Sugar and Cream cotton and Lion Brand cotton in Black. I had made it for myself . It was the same pattern that I used to make my daughters bolero (blog entry). When I sewed it up it was big on me and turned didn’t look that great on me. It made my boobs look even bigger than they already are! LOL so I’ll be searching for another pattern to make, I want to have one (that fits) in time for my wedding anniversary next month. I ended up having to gift the bolero, I decided to give it to my grandmother in Puerto Rico. My mom, as I write, is currently visiting her. I wish I could have gone so Abulea could have met my daughter. I forgot to take a picture of the finished project. I asked my mom to take a picture of my Abulea wearing it so I hope she remembers.

Since I last wrote I have picked up a new (well not really new) craft. I am sewing! I haven’t sewn in years! Back  in Middle School I used to make little pillows and I used to paint Lion King characters on them and sell it at school. It was my first business and with my earnings I purchased my first pair of roller blades! Speaking of selling things, I am planning to open an Etsy shop soon 🙂 I have a bunch of stuff I that I’ve made and plan to sell. Can’t wait, I’m not ready yet. I am planning to attend an Etsy workshop that the Lion Brand Studio will be hosting next month. I hope to get some good tips!

I have been also doing a little bit of embroidery. Here is a pin cushion that I made. I got the pattern and idea from It came out pretty good!

Made of felt. Design from UrbanThreads.

Made of felt. Design from UrbanThreads.

I have made a few sewn projects from the book called Bending the Rules of Sewing. I LOVE this book! The patterns are simple but so so cute. The only thing I don’t like is that there is so much errata in it. Luckily I came across the Flickr group and found all the corrections there (though it was too late for two projects). So far my favorite pattern is the Charming Hand Bag. It was the first pattern I made and it turned out decent but there are plenty of hidden mistakes. I also made the No Cash wallet. The concept for that one is so cute.

I also made a little box bag, my new knitting project tote. Isn’t it cute? (see below in the gallery feature I am trying out) That’s another well hidden disaster lol but hey it works and it’s adorable. This is from a free pattern called Perfect Box Pouch. Lucky me! I was able to find the same fabric that she used. I fell in love with it when I saw it, too cute! Even cuter in pink!

I have been going fabric crazy! It’s my new obsession, as if I needed another one. So in addition to the huge yarn stash, I am working on the fabric stash lol

Well I am still crocheting and knitting my little hats for charity. Donation day (on Alana’s Birthday/Angel day) is coming soon. Can’t believe it will be two year since I lost Alana.

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“Gone Too Soon”

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I need to write this just to let it out. I have been so depressed over the passing of Michael Jackson. It has really shocked me how much this death has sadden me. Over the years many artists have died but no one has touched me like this. I feel a lot better than I did for the last few days. I feel so horrible for him. He was an odd man, obviously someone who has suffered greatly in his life. What I can say except that he helped make great memories in my life. I remember as a child trying to do the moonwalk with my cousins, watching his videos with my brother, listening to his albums with my sisters. Staying up passed my bed time to watch his newest video. Peeking from behind the couch to watch “The Making of Thriller”. In high school doing our warm up dance routine to “The Way You Make Me Feel”. His songs the anthems of my life. A very special, talented, artist broken down by the people around him. I hope that he has found peace. Michael, you are in my heart and in all of your fans. Very few can impact the world they way that you have. ❤

Michael J. Jackson
Rest In Peace
August 29, 1958- June 25, 2009

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That’s my grandma :)

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Two weeks ago I found out that I was accepted into the SUNY (State University of New York) college that I applied to. Woo Hoo! This mama is going back to school! I have been out of school for two semesters, I decided to transfer to a new college since the one I was attending previously, Pratt in NYC, it was too expensive and though I love Art.. love to draw, love to paint, love to create, I am not sure that it’s what I want to do. I feel that I am being pulled to study psychology. I have always loved psychology, it’s is so interesting. I have always been the person that everyone comes to with their problems, naturally I am a listener, and I try to always be neutral and see things from all point of views. As I finished looking through the course catalog, I went back to see what I picked out and realized that I picked mostly all psychology classes. I’m about 75% sure it’s the direction that I will be going.

So my grandmother is a very active senior. I completely admire her for that. She travels the world. This year she decided to go to back home where half my family is from. When my daughter was born she found out that I crochet and we got to talking about how she also crochets. I had no idea, she has crochet table runners and doilies on all the tables in her house but since I have never seen her crocheting I figured they were gifts. So she had promised me that she would bring me back some yarn. She sent two cones of cotton yarn, a creamy white and a hot pink. The strands (5) of yarn are not winded together on each cone, so I have been thinking to divide them and making DK and maybe fingering weight yarns. Maybe.. we will see. I have been thinking about if I should buy a drop spindle.

The other reason why I have been inspired to write this blog was for the AWESOME bag my grandmother sent the bag in. I am sure that she didn’t notice what was written on the bag especially since her first language is spanish and a very devote woman of God. This made my husband and I crack up (warning: the pictures are a bit crude, it has a curse word)..

The bag is from a store that used to be here in NYC called Search & Destroy, it was a store that sold punk clothing in the East Village, specifically, the infamous St. Marks Place. The store no longer exists, though I was not a big fan of the store. When I visit St. Mark’s place it makes me sad. It used to be where NYC had it’s punk scene and now it’s been taken over by corporations.. Before there were punk clothing shops (Search & Destroy was not one of these shops), music shops, thrift shops, tattoo shops, cheap eats.. some tattoo shops are still there, and so is one music shop, Sounds, a favorite of mine.. the rest are gone. Now there are only frozen yogurt shops, porn shops, japanese bars, and noodle shops. A lot of history has been wiped away 😦 Not too far away from St. Marks, CBGB’s (famous blue grass club turned home of punk music, where the Ramones played) had been shut down about a year or two ago. The land lord would not renew their lease because he wanted to sell to a contractor who turned the building into super expensive condos. It’s so sad. This type of thing happens all the time in NYC. Even sadder when tear apart community gardens to make condo’s that the average person can’t afford. One thing that is fortunate is that there is a building that was featured on a Led Zeppelin record which to this day is thankfully still there.

I’ll show off some projects in my next post which should be later this week, if not earlier.

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Man, I have been trying to write this blog for like 3 days now lol! My daughter barely gives me the time to do anything. It’s amazing that I get any projects done!

So- Oh yea! I won an Ebay auction for some various vintage knitting needles and notions. I was happy when I won but now that the package finally came in the mail, I’m in love ❤ ! Not only are they kool because they are vintage (circa 1960’s) but they are soooo awesome to knit with.. pointy points! I also got this HUGE crochet hook,  size S! My favorite needles so far are the Bernat ones, so nice and smoooooth. I think that I am going to begin collecting vintage needles. There is such a difference in the quality. I love their design and also even appreciate the packaging. Though it could all just be that I am in general nostalgic, I love all things vintage.

I also got in the mail this week my very first order from Knitpicks! Lovely yarn and needles. I purchaced 4 skeins of Merino Style wool and 4 Knit Picks Palette. I tell ya- I was pretty disappointed to have received the yarn. The colors I received were much darker than what is pictured on their website. I’ll still use it but now I don’t have the colors I wanted for a project 😦

I also purchased 101 Luxury One Skein Wonders. There are many beautiful projects. There are three baby projects I’m dying to make! One I did make- it was a cute crochet hat, it is pictured on the cover. I made it for my little girl for Easter but it turned out to be too long. However I pulled a few rows and made it into a nice hat anyway but I plan to remake it. Everyone that saw her complimented how cute the hat was (and how cute she was!)

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