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Knitty Weekend

Posted in Knits, Patterns with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on January 20, 2009 by sweetnightmare

So this past weekend was a weekend dedicated to knitting practice. My practice piece looks like a nice little hot mess but that’s is because I wanted to experiment with a lot of different things, so to give a little understand to what I’ve done here, I labeled the practice fabric which in the end resembles a almost a tie, I thought that was funny how that happened.

Anyway, I used my trusty practice yarn (Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Candy print). Let me explain a little of this piece of fabric. I started off with two knit rows, and then continued by switching to the Eastern European style of developing the stockinette stitch (this is all in the bottom left hand corner). From there I switched over to the continenital style of knitting. I wanted to give stockinette stitch in this style a try again. I have been having trouble trying to figure how

to do it (you can see where my stitches are twisted), so I finally
figured out how to do a continenital purl so I practiced a few rows of
of it. It looks very messy because I was experiementing with it with
knits in some parts, and a few times got it mixed up with Eastern
European style.

Though my practice piece is a total mess, my efforts are not in vain! I finally took a stab at a small simple pattern.. presenting (insert drumroll here).. “My 2 Cents Cozy”, mini change purses. This was a pattern I picked out from my Knit Knack kit by Kris Percival. For whatever reason I was much slower at creating the fabric to make these. I guess because I was just being overly careful not to screw them up. Not too shabby for my first projects 🙂 I feel bold!.. but I am going to stick to a few more simple projects. I still gotta do the ever popular project- a knitted scarf lol.

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