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Still creating for charity

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Title says it all. I am still making things for the up coming impending drop off of all the Craftster Unswap donations to my website Precious Awakening. I am so grateful for my (unofficial) charity to have been chosen, you really have no idea. This has really put a fire under my bum to keep going. Sooo here are the projects that I did. It’s not much only two (and another pair of booties for my baby girl).

Here is a lovely free pattern for a crocheted simple bunting for a micro preemie baby. I used an F hook and TLC Baby yarn that I had in Powder Yellow. I think that when I make the next one I’ll use an G hook to give it a looser feel. (Sorry for the blurry pictures. My hands were shaky.)

My next project is a crochet pattern of my own. I haven’t created the pattern for it yet. It is a blanket for a small preemie-micro preemie… but this blanket doubles as burial bunting or wrap as well. So the hospital staff has the option, lets say if they are running low on blankets it can be used as one or if the family needs a burial bunting or wrap the hospital staff can turn it into one and give it to the parents. Well, I don’t know if it’s something the staff will actually do but that is the idea behind it. Again this was made using TLC baby yarn in powder yellow.

I am going to make another one. This one fans out only on the one end because my stitches are loose, but my chain (left) is tight so there’s no room. I am going to keep this one as a wrap.

Finally this project was made for my daughter, I call them Frost Glimmer booties. I knitted these from the Lion Brand pattern mentioned on my previous post. These are pretty quick to knit (now that I am a little faster). Instead of tassel on the ends of the laces I made pom poms.. or snow balls if you will 🙂 For these cute booties I decided use to still use wool-ease despite my disappointment when I knit my “Streakers”  and they fuzzed and pilled quickly. This particular skein, White/Multi has a glittery strand which I thought may help hold it together. So far it has held up quite well. Even if it does pill later on I think that because it is white it will not look as bad. Love the way they turned out.

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Craftster Unswap Round 1 – Over

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So the first Craftster Unswap is over now, it ended on Sunday. I have gotten a few packages of lovely blankets, hats, and tiny bracelets. I’m so happy and grateful to have been choosen for the Unswap. It’s nice to have some help. It has really been a very wonderful experience. Many women opened up to me and to the others on the forum about the pregnancy losses. I was touched by a lot of their stories. In one package I received I was given a note that I will refer to whenever I feel like what I am doing is not making a difference.

Well here are some bonnets and a little yellow dress that I made to donate.


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Craftster Unswap Pattern: Micro Preemie Roll Brim Hat

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Made this especially for the Craftster Unswap.. There’s still time to join in 🙂 This hat is extremely tiny. It’s for babies that are born way too soon and pass away. This is for a baby that weighs under a pound.

Creative Commons License
Micro preemie Roll Brim Hat by Liana M. Seda is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at
Yarn I used was Caron Simply Soft
US 5 double pointed needles
Gauge isn’t important.

Cast on: 40 stitches Divided between 3 needles
Join the row
Knit 2 inches then..
Knit 6 and Knit2together repeat across row.
Knit 5 and Knit2together repeat across row.
Knit 4 and Knit2together repeat across row.
Knit 3 and Knit2together repeat across row.
Knit 2 and Knit2together repeat across row.
Knit 1 and Knit2together repeat across row.
Knit2together until you have only one stitch one your needle cut your yarn. With a needle thread your yarn pull through that last stitch, then make a knot and your done.

Hope I wrote it right.

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