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Just realizing today how awesome I am! Not that I am trying to blow my head up it’s just that I can’t believe how good I have gotten at the knitting. Not only have projects been coming out well but I have moved on to experimenting! I found a really cute pattern on Ravelry, a Coffee Corset from Plum Dearly (available as a Ravelry download for free). I decided to make this because my husband is sooo bent on me having coffee with him in the morning. I am not really a big coffee drinker. I’m a tea drinker but I do LOVE my extra caramel frappachinos from StarBux! I’m also a fan of French Vanilla cappachino from 7/11 and other in and out stores like that (something my sister turned me on to). So we went to the supermarket and got some of those “cappachino” mixes. SO not the same. I kinda regret getting so much. We bought French Vanilla, Mocha, and Mayan Dark Chocolate. Oh well, so now I have all this coffee to drink and so thought while gulping that down I’d have something to pretty up my coffee cup! I thought this pattern was too easy and a bit plain for my taste after reading it so I decided to make some changes.. well a whole lot of changes! I guess I’ll have to write it up at some point, I kinda winged it as I went a long. It’s totally cute, I made this one for myself but it is definitely a project I’d make as a gift for friends and family. It’s the perfect cotton stash buster!

So, I guess one of the best things about living in New York City (well since November) is being near the Lion Brand Studio. I recently took my second trip up there with Reli. The first time she was only maybe a month or two old.. had to be a quick visit though since began to cry so I fled from the store, lol but not before purchasing a few skeins and leaving my donation for Knit One Save One. This time I thought I’d be able to have some time to enjoy the many perks of the studio, such as taking some yarn from the sample wall and knitting up some swatches. Two rows into my first swatch Reli woke up and right away wanted me to pick her up *sigh* ah, the duties of a mother 🙂 I went over to the help bar and ordered a skein Baby Soft in Black since they didn’t carry it in store and on my way out purchased a skein of Cotton-ease and Microspun. So I had to show off the wall samples I picked up. I didn’t want to be greedy so I only took a few yards of each, probably only enough to make 2″ swatches.  I wound a sample of Cotton-ease in, Vanna’s Choice Glamour, Baby Soft, and some Microspun. I thought that the card they give you to wind-up the yarn was useful. It’s a 4″ gauge ruler and can also be used as a bookmark! I didn’t buy any of the Vanna’s Glamour but that is definitely something that I want to buy. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Lion Brand Studio samples

Lion Brand Studio sample

This past week I was contacted by a rep from S.H.A.R.E. of Utah (a division of S.H.A.R.E.) via my pregnancy and infant loss website PreciousAwakening. She asked that I donate a Precious Memory Box for an upcoming conference for professionals (doctors, nurses, social workers, etc..). Of course I said yes and out of my mind and through my paint brushes came a beautiful design. It’s one that I am very proud of, I hope whoever receives it loves it and cherishes it forever. I really worked hard on this one.  Not that I don’t work hard on each one I make but I’ve been in deep thought about my little baby angel. I miss her so much, I hope that she knows. I do all these things in her memory.

Precious Awakening: Precious Memory Box #7 Donated to S.H.A.R.E. of Utah

Precious Awakening: Precious Memory Box #7 Donated to S.H.A.R.E. of Utah

Utill next post…

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It’s for the Little One’s

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I decided to post early this week. I have been so far practicing a lot this week. Well first off check out this beautiful yarn I bought.

Hand dyed yarn purchased from eBay

Hand dyed yarn purchased from eBay

I got it on eBay (I have a link to the seller in my side bar under “Spinning the Web”. I was browsing eBay and fell in love with this hand dyed wool yarn. I won the auction at $6.15 for 250 grams. I don’t know what I will use it for yet, it will be saved for something really special though.

For those of you who don’t know, I crochet hats and booties in memory of my daughter Alana who was born too soon and passed away. That is why I taught myself to crochet, and now to knit. You can visit my website that talks a little more about what I do at Precious Awakening (a pregnancy and infant loss website). I donate them to the hospital where she was born. I decided that my first project with DPN’s should be a hat for this purpose. I picked up a set of DPN’s from Walmart which only cost me $2.36. I used Lion Brand’s Pound of Love in Pastel Green.

Cast on DPNs

Cast on DPNs

I watched a quite a few videos on YouTube before attempting to do it myself. It’s a micro-preemie sized hat (for a baby weighing less than 1 pound), it measures 2.25″ with the brim folded up (3″ unfolded). It turned out okay considering it was my first time but I think I can do better. I found myself knitting very tightly which made making this very hard. It took forever!
Micro-preemie hat

Micro-preemie hat

The pattern I used can be found here and here is the link to it on Ravelry. I’ll be making this hat again, but I think that I will wait until I am a bit of a faster knitter. It literally took me almost an entire day to complete!

Anyway that is enough for now. I will write again later on. Today is my birthday.

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