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I guess it’s an Obsession now…

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Just realizing that I love to make little booties. I guess now that I have my BB girl it’s my right as a mother. I have someone to make them for and I enjoy doing it. I have been challenging myself my knitting some up. It was harder than I thought but it didn’t have to be. I should have just read it more carefully. I decided to make this pair by Patons. I thought they were so cute. I wanted to make them bigger so I made them on size 6 needles. I used TLC White Sparkles. I have had this yarn for a while. My husband loves it so much and has been asking me for a long time to make something for her with it. Because I didn’t understand the instructions this is what happened lol (my very helpful hubby holds the work while I take the picture)!

Apparently there was a point where I was supposed to turn but instead
it said right side facing you and I didn’t understand that all they
wanted me to do was turn the work. It took days for me to figure that
out lol. Here are the booties finished!! I like them they are cute and extra big so they will fit Reli for an extra long time.

I also made this pair of booties Pirate Booties from this blog (pattern download here). I had started these way before I started the Patons booties. I had been dying to make these for months! I started the project and got stuck in the same spot as the Patons. But after completing those I came back to these to finish. I wanted to make these with Simply Soft because again I wanted them to be big enough to fit her for a long time and also went one needle size up but when I went back to the project it was weeks later and so my tension was not the same. The result? Two different size booties. One is HUGE! I guess not too bad I’ll just have to make a match pair for each one. One pair for now and one for later. Another problem I had was with the sole. I don’t have a picture of it but it made my daughters feet look like she had feet like Bobby from Bobby’s World lol (a cartoon from the early 90’s). I frogged the sole and knitted them in the round instead. They turned out so much better the way I did it. Lastly, Instead of doing a skull and cross bones made a space invader on each bootie. I thought it would be so cute and they are.

I just wanted to show this off too. I made this a while back. It’s a little bolero for my little girl. I got the lace pattern from a book. I am not sure what book it was though. I wrote about this lace pattern in a previous blog when I first made a swatch. It came out so nicely. However it was a bit tight. I think I’ll have to make another a few inches bigger. I also have to adjust the edging and make it a bit longer.

Oh one more thing. Two weekends ago we took our daughter to SummerStage at Central Park to see DJ Lance and Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba! I can’t explain how much she loves this show, it really amazes me. The night before I decided that I wanted to make her a shirt to wear. So I got a picture of Muno doing what he loves to do, eat noodles! I drew his picture cut the pieces out and used them as a pattern.

I cut the pieces out of felt and sewed them on to a plain pink t-shirt. Then had to embroider the chopsticks. That didn’t come out too well. I tried to put the shirt in an embroidery hoop but it wouldn’t fit 😦 So they are not as straight as I’d like. As the noodles I used a small piece of cream colored ribbon that I sewed on. I’m happy with the way it turned out. I would’ve loooove to show her wearing the shirt at the show but ofcourse the camera battery died while we were there. I only have one picture of her from that day. My husband is holding her when she fell asleep while standing online to get in.

❤ My loves.

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It’s my first time

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These past few weeks have been a little hectic. I have making Precious Memory Boxes for Precious Awakening and making little crochet hats to donate to a hospital where an online friends 6 month old daughter had passed away. She asked instead of flowers for everyone to send donations for the hospital NICU/PICU. So the group that I am apart of online are all going to make donations of hats. So here are a few I have done so far. I experimented a bit with some color and lace.


While I was at it I also took a break to crochet a pair of little yellow Mary Jane’s for a special online friend who is expect very soon! Then two people at church have recently had babies, so there goes another two pairs.

Updating on my beautiful daughter… In one week she began pulling herself up in her crib and we discovered her first little tooth (or might I say fang! It’s sharp) has emerged! I can’t believe how big she is getting and how the time is flying by. Can’t believe she is going to be one in a few months.

So my recent big project that I chose to challenge myself with is a baby hoodie (pattern available free from Lion Brand), so it’s my first time :). I made two different ones. This first hoodie was made with Lion Brand Cupcake yarn (colorway Marshmellow yum) and the entire thing is worked up in garter stitch. It was so easy to make and worked up so quick. It did however sit in a box for a while after the pieces were done because I was afraid to sew the pieces together but when I did and sewed the buttons on it came out just perfect. I made it in a size 3-6 months. It isn’t for anyone in particular I just decided I wanted to do something I had never done before. The buttons are sooo cute. They are little lime green and blue bees. I’m really happy about how this one turned out

This next one (also available for free at Lion Brand) was made with Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in Charcole. This one I made in a size 12 months. This also worked up and this one was harder. I had to pick up stitches on the shoulders in order to knit the sleeves. I finally figured how to do that but did not make it like the pattern asks. I was supposed to make it in all garter stitch (the front and back is done in stockinette) but I didn’t really like it like that. So this is what I got after sewing it up.. The sewing job on the arms are HORRIBLE. I wish I knew how to make it look better. What really threw me off was that I had decreases at the edges of the sleeves and when I sewed it together using the mattress stitch it was soooo hard to figure out where I was supposed to be picking up the bar. SIGH, I’m too embrassed to gift this because of the way it looks. I am thinking to remove the sleeves and either redo them or just remove it and make it into a vest?? What do you think? The other change that I made is that this hoodie is not a hoodie, I just made it into a sweater as you can see. Instead I crocheted a collar. I’m happy with that, but overall it is a disaster. I think that maybe I needed to pick up more stitches for the sleeves, I don’t know 😦

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Still creating for charity

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Title says it all. I am still making things for the up coming impending drop off of all the Craftster Unswap donations to my website Precious Awakening. I am so grateful for my (unofficial) charity to have been chosen, you really have no idea. This has really put a fire under my bum to keep going. Sooo here are the projects that I did. It’s not much only two (and another pair of booties for my baby girl).

Here is a lovely free pattern for a crocheted simple bunting for a micro preemie baby. I used an F hook and TLC Baby yarn that I had in Powder Yellow. I think that when I make the next one I’ll use an G hook to give it a looser feel. (Sorry for the blurry pictures. My hands were shaky.)

My next project is a crochet pattern of my own. I haven’t created the pattern for it yet. It is a blanket for a small preemie-micro preemie… but this blanket doubles as burial bunting or wrap as well. So the hospital staff has the option, lets say if they are running low on blankets it can be used as one or if the family needs a burial bunting or wrap the hospital staff can turn it into one and give it to the parents. Well, I don’t know if it’s something the staff will actually do but that is the idea behind it. Again this was made using TLC baby yarn in powder yellow.

I am going to make another one. This one fans out only on the one end because my stitches are loose, but my chain (left) is tight so there’s no room. I am going to keep this one as a wrap.

Finally this project was made for my daughter, I call them Frost Glimmer booties. I knitted these from the Lion Brand pattern mentioned on my previous post. These are pretty quick to knit (now that I am a little faster). Instead of tassel on the ends of the laces I made pom poms.. or snow balls if you will 🙂 For these cute booties I decided use to still use wool-ease despite my disappointment when I knit my “Streakers”  and they fuzzed and pilled quickly. This particular skein, White/Multi has a glittery strand which I thought may help hold it together. So far it has held up quite well. Even if it does pill later on I think that because it is white it will not look as bad. Love the way they turned out.

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Back to the Web

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Phew! It’s been a few weeks. I caught a horrible flu, and then ofcourse passed it on to my lovely daughter. Then she had a nasty rash which turned out to be severe eczema. So we are now over the sickness and her eczema breakouts are being controlled finally 🙂

I made these two projects for my daughter. The dress was made from this pattern called Angel Wings Pinafore. This is the second dress I made from this pattern the first I made will be donated as part of the Precious Awakening Craftster Unswap. This one I made for my daughter but she is too big for it now. It’s totally cute though, I am going to save it for maybe a future baby. I used Caron Simply Soft (7 oz. Skein). Semi-finished project below. I haven’t sewed the buttons on yet. I added a little felt heart stitched on with some DMC floss the safety pin is for decoration. It did however hold the heart in place while I sewed it on. I would have LOVED for her to fit into this but I guess I would have to adjust the pattern to make it fit.


stitched heart detail

stitched heart detail

I finished this next project on Sunday. They are my very first pair of knitted booties. My husband calls these “Streakers”, I thought that was a really cute name for them. This is a free Lion brand pattern, the Oh Natural Booties. Instead of using Nature’s Choice yarn I decided to use Wool-ease. They looked really great after I was done, but my daughter wore them one time and they had already fuzzed and lightly pilled up 😦 Now I know for next time. I stitched lightening bolts on the sides. They kinda remind me of Puma sneakers.



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Craftster Un-Swap

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A few weeks ago I was sent a message on Craftster from another member who proposed an unswap to other members on the Crafting for Good Not Evil board and they had chosen Precious Awakening to be the first that they do this for. What is an “Unswap” you ask.. well, basically everyone is crafting and donating to the same worthy cause. Like a charity craft-a-long. You can read and join in here on Craftster.

I am really excited! I can’t wait to make this huge donation to the hospital in the Spring. From the pictures people have posted so far they have been doing a great job.

Over the weekend I made 14 little micropreemie hats on a flower loom. I bought it a while back and never got around to using it. I decided to try it out. I bought it for the purpose of making hats since I thought they were the perfect size. I’m so in love and helplessly addicted to it. How cute did these little hats turn out? I just used some left over yarn from my stash. What an awesome and quick stash buster!

So I wrote out how I make these. Please consider make a few of these hats, and donate them to your local hospitals maternity bereavement program.

Super Simple Micro-preemie Hat pattern

Flower Loom (12 pegs) with hook
Yarn needle
Scissors or yarn cutter
1/8″ ribbon (optional)

Aran or Worsted weight yarns, two balls any color (pink, white baby blue preferred) I used left over pink Caron Simply Soft and left over Lion Brand Wool-ease in White/muti.

Hold a strand of each yarn together and wrap them around each peg.

Wrap and knit off ten rows, fasten off a five to six inch tail.

Take the yarn needle and sew the yarn through the loops on the pegs, pulling them off as you go along.

When you are done doing that pull the strands so that the yarn gathers together and closes off the top.

Tie a really tight square knot and cut off the extra leftover yarn.

Optional: Weave ribbon threw second row from the bottom.

Pattern if you prefer a solid brim (pictured, lower right hand corner)…
Super Simple Micro-preemie Hat pattern (w/ solid brim)

Hold a strand of each yarn together and wrap them around each peg.

Wrap and knit off four rows,

Make the brim by pulling up the first row and putting it back on the loom. Wrap and knit off nine rows, fasten off a five to six inch tail.

Take the yarn needle and sew the yarn through the loops on the pegs, pulling them off as you go along.

When you are done doing that pull the strands so that the yarn gathers together and closes off the top.

Tie a really tight square knot and cut off the extra leftover yarn.

Optional: Weave ribbon threw first row from the bottom over the brim.

The Useful Practical Practice Washcloth

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So for the past three nights my little three month daughter has switched her sleeping schedule from nights to days. Where does that leave me? With nothing to do but play with her and knit while I feed her. Spread through out these hours I began making my first washcloth for practice. I have been strictly practicing continental knitting. I have seen a lot of washcloth/dishcloth patterns for beginners. Picky person that I am didn’t really want to do any of the ones I have seen and I think that I am past the point of garter stitch projects. I thought to myself, I should just wing it and practice the basics. What I came up with is a great practice project for beginners like myself 🙂

The great thing about it is that it’s okay to to make mistakes on this because the point is that it’s a practice project and practical because once you are done you have yourself a neat little washcloth that you can be proud of. If you can make a mistake you can go back and fix it or leave it and learn from it. Anyway, I don’t know if that made any sense but it does to me in head lol just having trouble putting it into words. I’ve decided to write out a pattern for it. Below is a picture of the details. I made mistakes here and there but not many. There were bound to be mistakes since like I said, it I made it while I was feeding my baby in the middle of the night. But the pattern is written the way I meant it to be. This is the first time I have written a pattern so bear with me, I wrote it after I made it. I have not tested it. This pattern practices garter stitch, stockinette, and ribbing.

The Useful Practical Practice Washcloth

Yarn: 1 skein
Lily’s Sugar n’ Cream

or any other 100% Cotton Worsted weight yarn.
Colorway: I used Violet Veil OmbreNeedles: 10″ Size 8

Make your slip knot and co 36 using the Double Cast On method.

k 4 rows
*p2 k2 – repeat to end of the row
k2 p2 – repeat to end of the row
repeat from * for 4 more rows

*p2 k2 p2 k4 p2 k2 p2 k2 p2 k2 p2 k4 p2 k2 p2 k2
k2 p2 k2 p4 k2 p2 k2 p2 k2 p2 k2 p4 k2 p2 k2 p2
repeat from * for 4 more rows
(Note: Notice the k4 and p4 in these two rows. I did that purpose since I was making it up as I went along and I was experimenting with the ribbing. Alternately if you want it equal on both sides you can just do P2, K2 for six rows)
k 4 rows
Bind off.
Weave in ends.. I used an overcast stitch… but didn’t do too much of a good job it was only my second time doing it.

Enjoy 🙂 I hope it’s useful to some.

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Knitting Experimentations

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So I’ve been trying to teach myself to knit. Not that I am abandoning my first love, Crochet. I just think that some things look good done in Crochet and some things would look good Knitted. I always kinda feel like I am missing out by not knowing how to knit.

Last month I was really determined to do it. I got myself just about every straight needle to a size 15.. I just can’t ever find size 4 for whatever reason. Every time I go to my LYS, or try to order online they are always out. Okay- I lie- sometimes they have it but only in plastic. I hate plastic needles, except for Boye’s Balene II. I found 14″ size 10.5 on sale for under $3 and I couldn’t resist, especially since these (I read) have been discontinued by the manufacturer.  They have ‘Perfection Points’ which I love. They are so much easier to knit with. I plan to get more when they are on sale again in 10″ sizes.

Anyway, I have been practicing the Knit stitch which always looked like a horrid mess because my yarn control was  truly lacking. Two days ago I was finally able to knit a whole square in the Garter stitch that came out great. The stitches were way too tight but at least I did it. Yesterday and Today I have been trying my hardest to get a square of stockinette stitch but most of my efforts have been in vain. Finally I resorted to YouTube to find a video that shows how to purl in continential style. I couldn’t find one that I could see clearly enough or a video where they were going slow enough for me to see exactly what they were doing. I stumbled upon this video (embeded below) that shows a demonstration of the Eastern European Purl Stitch.

I found this method a lot easier but still a little confused. So this square that I have been working on is a total mess of experimentation (pictured below). I am getting there though. By the end of the week I hope to have gotten it down. I read a comment that the video poster left stating that in order to make the stockinette stitch I’ll also need to learn the Eastern European knit stitch. So I guess we will see how it goes. I don’t know what style I will commit myself to.

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